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“I have been a client of Mr. Gaurav for several years now, and I have to say, Mr. Gaurav is probably one of the most patience and knowledgeble financial advisor I have ever dealt with. He is extremely accommodating and hardworking. If he cannot give you an answer right away, he always gets back with the information. It is obvious that he is not out to make an easy dollar, and he always has his clients’ best interest in mind. I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Gaurav to anyone.

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If you do not have the right coverage and adequate protection on liability, then you might find consequences to be quite expensive. This is where your general insurance comes in quite handy in protecting your interests and your assets. At Prajapati Investment , it has been our consistent effort to protect what our clients value the most and hence we offer you the general insurance that covers your loved ones and your assets.

General insurance is a combination of the whole gamut of insurance options including travel, health and motor insurances. At Prajapati Investment, we offer expert consultation to opt best suited insurance policies from various sources. We offer general insurance to individuals from different places and the insurance we offer depends on the requirements of the individual.

What can we do for you?

As part of our General insurance services, we offer you with

• Health insurance: There is no mechanism to gauge when you or your loved ones might be in need of medical attention. A Medical expenditure is quite expensive especially when it comes before you have financially prepared yourself for it.

• Travel insurance: There is never a better time than when you are on holiday with your loved ones. While travel can bring some good memories in the making, sometimes if things do not fall according to plan, you have to bring things under control. There could be lost baggage, documents that go missing, cancellations of flight, etc. which you have to live through. Would you like to avoid such unexpected events while on a holiday?? Choose a Travel Insurance with us and enjoy your Holiday without any worries.

• Motor insurance: Road accidents are quite common now a days.Be it a minor or a major one, It surely hits hard on pockets of vehicle owners when it comes to repair costs. This is why you need a stringent motor insurance taking care of your expenses and retaining you back to normality.

We also offer you personal insurance and other top up covers depending on your requirements.

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