Estate Planning


“I have been a client of Mr. Gaurav for several years now, and I have to say, Mr. Gaurav is probably one of the most patience and knowledgeble financial advisor I have ever dealt with. He is extremely accommodating and hardworking. If he cannot give you an answer right away, he always gets back with the information. It is obvious that he is not out to make an easy dollar, and he always has his clients’ best interest in mind. I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Gaurav to anyone.

Banker Manger
PNB House

Everyone wants to be able to provide and protect those they love. This is why you need to protect and preserve your assets not only during your lifetime but also beyond it. This way you can make sure that your loved ones are protected and they are able to enjoy the assets even after your lifetime.

At Prajapati Investment, we help you to plan your estate, working alongside your lawyers, accountants and other related personnel ensuring that you have an efficient and sound strategy is in place. The planning of your estate, is also an important step in achieving your personal objectives and the goals you have for your family financially. With proper planning of the estate you are ensuring that your financial as well as your legal affairs are easier to handle with. And it can also help you to plan well on the tax front, optimizing your tax returns.

Estate planning services

There are many ways one can plan their estate and Prajapati Investment offers you all the above options and more for your benefit.

a) Living will services: We offer you assistance in drafting your will and help with the execution of the same. We also offer you consultation to make your own will and generate it yourself.

b) Joint ownerships: If you are looking to make your property into joint ownerships then we can assist you in drafting the necessary documents and in handling the legal formalities surrounding the same.

c) Power of attorney: If you want to hand over the reins to someone for a certain period of time, then POA (Power of Attorney) is the right option. We shall help you make the necessary changes to ensure a smooth handover to your trusted and loved ones with minimal interference from you.

Apart from the above, we also help you with beneficiary designations, creating revocable trusts and more.

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