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Being a parent is often looked upon as a daunting task and rightfully so. You are not just responsible for the present day life of your children but you also need to take necessary steps to make their future better. It is not just their education that you need to consider, but as parents you also have to make savings for other future endeavors, the most important being their marriage.

Planning the finances for every major milestone in your child’s life has to be done as early as you can. The best gift that a parent can give their child is the promise of a secure future and ensures that the financial condition lives up to that promise. With Child marriage planning at Prajapati Investment, you will definitely be making the dreams of your child come true as they grow up to the age of marriage.

Why do you need marriage planning?

Gone are the days when the marriages were a simple affair with friends and family. Now your kids want to have a grand event with many personalized additions to their marriage. Given that marriages are a onetime event in their lives, we definitely do not want to be saying NO to them. But imagine suddenly having to put up a huge amount of money for spending.

Every parent wants to award their kids with their dream wedding and you definitely don’t want to be left wondering how to fulfill their wishes in this important event. Even if it is not for an extravagant wedding, your savings will still help your child to have a fantastic future.

How to plan for your child’s marriage in advance?

At Prajapati Investment, we do this in a step by step process. It involves

a) Setting up a target date when you think your child will be getting married. For instance you want your child to be married at the age of 21, then the time you have from now until he/she turns 21 is your time.

b) Now you need to think on the amount you want to save for the time when your child reaches the target age. You need to take the inflation costs into account when deciding on the amount.

c) Then we help you calculate the investment amount you need to expend, and the average return you can expect from your investments.

With Prajapati Investment, your child’s future is completely secure.

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